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A Family Affair!

June 19, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I'm happier than a baby with bubbles! 

Why, you ask? I just got to spend 2 weeks with family celebrating graduations. This cutie is our new nephew, Danelo. 

Here he is meeting his Uncle Matt! (The big one belongs to me :) 

His twin aunties, Sadie and Sophia graduated High School this weekend! Here's a shot of all the siblings together. 

Sadie was nominated for a Huntingtony for her role in These Shining Lives.

And the 2 of them got all dolled up for their Sr. Banquet. 

After our jet setting trip to NY, we drove out to Spokane for my niece Aimee's college graduation. 

I love this one of her and her big little sister, Miranda! 




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